Why did we show you our ads?

AdIntend.com serves advertising banners using 2 different methods: Contextual and/or Retargeting adserving.
Contextual Adserving: Our banners are served analizing the content of the site the visitor is surfing and displaying advertisers that are close to the content of the web page.
Retargeting Adserving: Surfing the internet you searched for keywords that are relavant for some AdIntend Partners . Our technology analized these keywords and extracted some related arguments .

AdIntend.com Privacy Policy

We only collect anonymous information and we never acquire any personal data of any kind. We collect only the searched keywords with the only scope to offer Ads that are as much related as we can to any user’s interests. Please visit our website www.adintend.com and check our Privacy Policy.

Deactivate interest based Ads

If you would like to deactivate Ads and Banners that we serve connected to keywords that you searched for please click here: OptOut.

Attention: you will continue to receive our advertising, but only messages that are related to the content of the page you are surfing.

AdIntend.com is not the only company that serve Ads related to User’s intererests. Please visit  networkadvertising.org to learn more about other similar companies and to have the possibility to optout.